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Alan Rickman opening the Ice Rink Gala September 10th 2011 in London

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--i hope you can all hear what he's saying (i added annotations and parts of his speech below). there was a lot of echo around the ice rink. his speech was indeed beautiful. and i apologize for some shots being shaky. could not help myself really.--about the event:Mr Alan Rickman hosted the fund raising gala to support the fight against cancer. The young artists on ice gave a wonderful performance featuring also the memorable numbers from the musical Cats. It was indeed a night to remember. I feel indeed fortunate to have been present and to have had the opportunity to donate to this noble cause. There was love all around. camera: bemoia(not a complete speech but i hope it helps, this is what i could make out);"That's as good as you ever going to see me dancing on ice....Welcome.To the Alexandra Wylie Ice Skating Gala.I'm really happy to be here to host this tonight.It's been put together by a group of people.With real interests and real passion.I'm here because of Juliet's friends......Alexandra's parents who are friends of Juliet Stevenson who's a very good friend of mine and she's very friendly with Molly and all of friends of Alexandra.Alexandra died in November 2010 and Molly says she was quite simply a star.She had so many talents.She loved music, science, dancing, acting and of course skating. Now all our friends here that Alexandra was fighting with have organized tonight's gala in the name of the Alexandra Wiley Tower Foundation.It's aim is to improve the lives of children with this disease in London. ... (about what the foundation is launching)...All proceeds of tonight go to charity so...Enjoy our food, drink and bar in the fuaye.Try our photo booth.And go find charity wrist bands.They are all for sale by the food stall. Above all.Enjoy tonight's fantastic program.You're going to see group members, soloists, and celebrity skaters.And I assume by that they mean celebrities who can actually skate.Thank you for being here this evening.To celebrate a very special young woman.Have a wonderful evening.And thank you."The Alexandra Wylie Tower Foundation:http://www.awtf.org

Год: 2011
Язык: English
Длительность материала: 00:04:16
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